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Our chefs carefully select favorite traditional recipes from all over the globe. They don't bore you with something common in town and they keep on changing the menus everyday; every time you visit Rigel Restaurant, you will be surprised with our daily specialties.

We provide clean and wholesome foods with fair prices. Our service is notably excellent and the elegance of our dining hall will make you feel at ease. The availability of our friendly staff will pamper you. You will always have a wide selection of dishes on the menu including appetizers, Italian pasta, and delicious main-courses from all meat cuts (fish, chicken, beef, lamb, etc) with mouthwatering gravies and as the last course you can always choose between a dessert or an ice cream prepared by our pastry chef. Our health related dietary rule suggests having fruits based foods at least 1 hour before or after a meal.

You can also have pizza, burgers, cold sandwiches and other snacks. What makes Rigel remarkably different is that we serve our foods fresh and the ingredients 100% natural; we believe in dining while promoting health. We promote health by not serving alcoholic beverages, prohibiting smoking and providing health foods & drinks.